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Scholarship Application

We praise God and we thank you so much for taking an interest in GYC Southwest’s yearly conference, Southwest Youth Conference (SWYC).  We understand that attending such a conference can be financially tough for many, and that is why GYC Southwest offers scholarship to help cover the cost of Registration, Lodging (Tent or Cabin only), and Meal Fees.  

Every year scholarships are made possible by the generosity of sponsors who have continued to give their support to this ministry.  SWYC scholarship are also offered on a person-to-person basis and each applicant must apply individually so we encourage you to please take the time to apply now!  All applications are carefully and prayerfully considered.  

After we review your application, you will receive an approval or denial notice from us.  GYC Southwest does not guarantee full approval of your request.  We recommend that you also find sponsors in your local churches as another possible resource to help cut the cost of conference expenses.  



Sincerely,  SWYC Scholarship Committee