The Healing of the Nations

Sep 08, 2017 by admin in  Past Events

Join us the Sabbath weekend after SWYC 2017 at the Trinity SDA Church in Covina, CA for “The Healing of the Nations.” A weekend series on religious liberty. As this nation becomes more divisive in politics, religion, and race, intolerance from both the left and the right seeks to assert itself to bring forth stability at the expense of liberty of conscience. Join Pastor Keala Thompson and Peter K. Chung as we discover the vital importance of religious liberty and how God ordained this principle to lead to the “healing of the nations. (Revelation 22:2)”

1551 E Old Badillo St
Covina, California, CA 91724


Friday Night (7:00p-9:00p):
In Money We Trust
by Pastor Keala Thompson

Sabbath School (9:30a-11:00a):
The Bible and the First Amendment
by Peter Chung

Divine Service (11:00a-12:30p)
The Fall of the Republic
by Pastor Keala Thompson

Afternoon Session 1 (2:00p-3:30p)
The Forgotten Voice of the Dragon
by Peter Chung

Afternoon Session 2 (4:00p-5:30p)
How the Republic Fell
by Pastor Keala Thompson

Q & A (5:30p-6:30p)

Social Night (7:00-9:00p)

Bite Size Talks

Mar 06, 2018

Healing Rain

Sep 15, 2017

How is your relationship with God? How are your relationships with others? If you find yourself struggling, then Healing Rain Wai’anae is for you!

Come join us October 20-29, 2017 at Camp Waianae, Hawaii! For more information or to register, you can register online at

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