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Gregory Jackson

Founder/President Surrender Ministries Inc.

Gregory Jackson will be a speaker at the upcoming 2017 Southwest Youth Conference (SWYC). He is presently President and founder of Surrender Ministries Inc., dedicated to preparing God’s people for the soon coming of Jesus Christ.

Fun Facts:
• Born and raised in Washington DC.
• Graduate of Oakwood College — Class of 1978.
• Pastored in the Allegheny West Conference for 36 years.
• Retired in October 2014.
• Married to Marilyn Walker-Jackson. They have 5 children and 8 grandchildren.
• Author of 3 books.
• Gospel artists with a CD entitled: Teach Me Oh Lord.

Purpose & Passion:
“I am deeply convicted that the Surrender message is what is needed to finish God’s work both in and through His people and it is my purpose and passion to present it whenever and wherever God opens a door of opportunity.”